Why Buying ‘Made In America’ Matters More than Ever

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Posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2017
By: Dayco Inc.
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American manufacturing has pulled us out of virtually every major economic downturn that we’ve faced. In the 1960’s only 10% of the products Americans purchased were manufactured overseas. Today, that percentage is well beyond half. That needs to change!

After World War II, American manufacturing fervently escalated. American ingenuity, entrepreneurship, pride and fortitude engulfed the nation. We invented home appliances, Rock ‘n’ Roll, industrial heating, the TV dinner, and muscle cars in that period. By the 1960’s we were manufacturing the rockets and the rocket fuel that landed us on the moon… first. American astronauts planted the American-made American flag firmly on the moon surface in 1969, with 500 million-plus watching it all take place live on American-made televisions and listening on American-made radios.

Unfortunately, the USA’s manufacturing proficiency peeked in 1979. Since then, overseas markets were making things more cheaply (albeit with child labor and deplorable, dangerous work conditions) and flooding the American marketplace. This generated a consistent decline in American-made purchases.

According to a recent survey by Consumer Reports National Research Center, given a choice between a product made in the U.S. and an identical one made abroad, 78 percent of Americans would rather buy the American product.

More than 80 percent of those people cited retaining manufacturing jobs and keeping American manufacturing strong in the global economy as very important reasons for buying American. About 60 percent cited concern about the use of child workers or other cheap labor overseas, or stated that American-made goods were of higher quality.

So what can we do to right the ship, and return America to economic greatness?


New Administration, New Hope, New Confidence

The fact is political cycles matter. As much as they can also disrupt and divide the country, the underlying non-sensational facts, figures, deals, policies, procedures, penalties, perks, diplomacy, enforcement, law, order, etc. all firmly affect our economy for better… or for worse. In 2017 the new administration is 180 degrees from the former in most of the aforementioned categories. Whether you believe it to be right or wrong, you must certainly acknowledge that it will absolutely create a change.

Initial indications from American manufacturers large and small are positive. Anticipation of relaxed sanctions, lowered taxes and increased consumer confidence have enticed major auto and hundreds of other manufacturers to reshore their operations and invest in America and the American work force.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Economists state that if we all spend just 5 percent more on American-made products; we will create a minimum of 1 million more jobs for Americans! We have to believe that Americans can compete. With the growing overseas wage gap and subsequent cost of goods produced quickly closing, it’s increasingly impossible for manufacturers to justify the other costs associated with offshoring including shipping, delivery delays, and the overhead that comes with maintaining large inventories.

When doing the math, as many as 1 million jobs would come back to the USA if companies would recognize the mathematical common sense for themselves and reshore their manufacturing processes.

The Community Domino Effect

When a factory closes, the dominos fall. Every manufacturing job creates 15 jobs outside of the factory; the gas stations, the stores, the restaurants, the electricians and plumbers who maintain the factories, chefs, hair stylists, insurance agents and many more. When the factory goes, those jobs follow. When only one job is lost at a factory, 15 jobs in the community are at risk. It impacts everyone. Buying American recirculates money in our own economy and gives other Americans opportunities to prosper.

We need to understand, as a country, that we must protect and support our manufacturing jobs. We must fight to put Americans back to work! Consumers have amazing power in a country, and we can change our country, ourselves… now, without waiting for politicians. It’s really quite simple. Every time you buy something, make sure that it was made in America.

Growing the Middle Class and Shrinking the Poverty Class

Since the 1960s, manufacturing has always paid substantially more than the minimum wage. Even today, the manufacturing jobs that remain pay an average of $20.17 an hour. That's nearly three times the federal minimum wage. It's enough to vault a worker out of poverty and solidly into the lower middle class.

Manufacturing is at the center of the economy; it’s highly connected with most other sectors, such as transportation, retail, mining, utilities and business services. Manufacturing companies also account for about 77% of what the private sector spends on research and development each year. If it weren’t for manufacturing, there would be very little innovation in the United States.

The Wrap Up

The ongoing decline of well-paying manufacturing jobs in the U.S. has ;devastated the working class; and made achieving the American dream increasingly difficult. Technological advancements and the rise of low-skilled manufacturing in China and other developing nations mean that fewer Americans work in factories, just as technological advancements 100 years ago meant that fewer Americans worked on farms.

That is all changing, and we as the American consumer play the largest role in turning the tables and making America great once again. Don’t leave it all in the laps of the politicians. We are wiser, we are stronger, we are organized, we are focused, and we are sick and tired of not leading the pack! Together we unite, together we buy American, and together we create American manufacturing jobs.

Together we support America and we support Americans… our neighbors, our brothers and sisters, our nation’s resilience. Together we leave this nation a better place and provide hope for the future for our children and beyond.

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